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Vote Democrat

After North Korea detonated a hydrogen bomb, Twitler tweeted that he was meeting with his generals about North Korea. Soon after General Mattis went on TV and said that if North Korea threatens Guam or the US that it can expect a massive military response. North Korea responded by making more threats.

After a lovely breakfast in the White House, Trump went to church on National Prayer Day. As he was leaving church, he was asked if he would attack North Korea. He said, “We’ll see.” Eat pray bomb.

The United Nations held an emergency meeting today regarding North Korea. Nikki Haley said North Korea is begging for war. “Enough is enough,” she said.

Trump is no fan of the UN and the UN is no fan of Trump.

When asked about the escalating threat in North Korea, Republican congressman Roy Blunt said we were dealing with a leader who is spoiled and reckless. He was talking about Kim Jong-un, not Trump.

How does the US use diplomacy to de-escalate the threat of war with North Korea when our own president is unstable, unqualified, unreliable, and unpredictable?

The world is on the brink of WWIII because two unhinged, spoiled and reckless leaders are playing chicken with nuclear weapons.

Trump is attacking our ally South Korea while threatening a trade war on Twitter. Nikki Haley threatened a trade war with everybody which would cause a recession.

Since Trump couldn’t kill Obamacare, he’s sabotaging it by killing funding for advertising. Open enrollment is November 1 through December 15. Pass it on.

DACA came about because congress wouldn’t act on immigration reform. Obama did what he could without congress to protect kids so they could go to school, get jobs and drive legally, which is all they or their parents ever wanted.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: In 2015, Obama asked Congress to get its act together and come up with something once and for all on immigration reform, Paul Ryan responded with saying NO. He told him that the House refused to work with him. Ryan did it because the Republicans’ only goal for 8 years was to destroy Obama. Now he says ending DACA is a bad idea, and ironically, the Republicans’ don’t have any plans to destroy Trump.

Trump is ending DACA in 6 months. If congress doesn’t act, young brown patriots will be thrown out the country.

DACA kids trusted the government and stepped out of the shadows to volunteer their personal information. Now the government is using it against them.

A mom of a DACA recipient has been denied a humanitarian visa to go to Houston to bury her son. He died saving people in the flood.

Meanwhile in Houston, toxic sludge and hazardous waste have contaminated houses and seeped into the ground. Chemicals have been released into the air. Republicans are destroying regulations on business by destroying the Environmental Protection Act (EPA), making pollution more profitable and deceiving the public legal. The head of the EPA is the former attorney general of fracked-to-death Oklahoma. Like the president, he doesn’t believe in climate change.

Texas has a $10 billion rainy day fund but the Republican governor of Texas doesn’t want to use it for the Houston flood.

If you want environmental protections, vote Democrat
If you want to protect workers, vote Democrat
If you want a living wage, vote Democrat
if you want separation of church and state, vote Democrat
If you want healthcare for all, vote Democrat
If you want the government out of your sex life, vote Democrat
If you want to protect Dreamers, vote Democrat
If you want the military to stay on its side of the White House, vote Democrat
If you want to dilute the rich, white male oligarchy, vote Democrat
If you want to save the middle class, vote Democrat

Today (Labor Day), is brought to you by unions and the filthy, sex crazed, godless liberals who also brought you the weekend, the 8 hour work day, child labor laws, minimum wage, and worker protections. Vote Democrat.

Eat pray sleep

Trump went to Houston and Louisiana, got close to people and stood for the appropriate photo ops and said the appropriate things that presidents are expected to do in times like these. Then he said, “GREAT JOB EVERYBODY!” and signed his name on the wall.

After a collective sigh of relief, people were just grateful that he had behaved himself. Then he went off script. “As tough as this was it’s been a wonderful thing.” He reminded everybody to pray on Sunday. “Enjoy your day and congratulations,” he said to the people sitting in a shelter who had just lost everything. And then……and then…… he couldn’t help himself – he took a shot at the media: “The Coast Guard would go into dangerous situations but the media would go only if there was a good story.”

The media saved people as they were covering the story.

Congressman Al Green of Houston was the first to call for Trump’s impeachment on the Senate floor. Trump had to shake his hand on the tarmac for the cameras.

If Trump was planning on making that $1 million donation to Harvey victims through his foundation, he can’t. It’s under investigation.

Congress comes back after a month recess in 2 days. What’s on the agenda? FEMA and Hurricane Harvey, raising the debt ceiling, the budget, tax reform, and North Korea. This is going to suck. #november2018

What is this morning going to be like at Joel Osteen’s gazillion dollar house of worship on National Prayer Day? Will he send the collection plate around?

Sarah Palin is jealous that she is no longer relevant so she wants to remind us that she can see Russia from her house.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Houston Congressman Michael McCaul along with two other Houston Republican congress members (Ted Poe and John Culberson) tried to remove the right of deceased soldiers families to choose which prayers, if any, were to be read at a soldier’s funeral. Only Christian prayers should be allowed.

It’s National Prayer Day.

A 6.3 magnitude explosion occurred in North Korea. It was the most powerful nuclear test they’ve done so far. Too bad Hillary isn’t president.

Trump tweeted about it, of course, and poked at South Korea and China while he was at it.

Russia, North Korea and Trump. The whole world is running on no sleep except for the Trump voters.They sleep just fine because they are oblivious.

All you need is love and FEMA

The president says he loves people.

The Self-hating black man, Blue Lives Matter Sheriff David Clarke, loves Trump and is expected to join the Trump administration.

Trump has declared tomorrow a national day of prayer which would be a nice, loving, unifying gesture for the entire country if it wasn’t so funny. Trump doesn’t pray. He’s lying about praying. He won’t be praying tomorrow, unless he gets to do it on TV.

DACA came about because the worst congress in history (up until now) refused to pass any immigration reform because Republicans. The most hardcore among them believe that DACA is amnesty and that the DACA kids should be kicked over Trump’s imaginary wall. Never mind that they have no connection to the country of their birth – they should have thought of that before they followed their criminal parents to America.

A week after pardoning immigrant hating, racial profiling Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Trump was supposed to announce what he’d do about DACA yesterday but decided to wait until Tuesday instead so he could ruin Labor Day weekend for 800,000 DACA kids and everybody who loves them. Heartless and pointless.

When he was asked by the press about DACA yesterday, he said, “We love the dreamers.”

Paul Ryan asked Trump not to rescind DACA.

The Trump Foundation is not Trump’s money. He gets other people to give money to his foundation and then turns around and makes donations in his own name, taking all the credit. If he makes good on his promise to donate $1 million to Harvey relief it will be with other people’s money. He loves other people’s money.

The Russian consulate was asked to vacate the premises in San Francisco. Before they did, they torched stuff in the fireplace and outside in a fire pit, sending black smoke over the city. When firefighters knocked on the door, the Russians said,”Nothing to see here, we love you, bye bye.”

Putin has vowed to double down on responding to America’s accusation that Russia interfered with its election. He says he’s going to get us good in 2018. Trump says don’t blame Russia. We don’t know for sure yet. “Lots of countries could have done it.”

28% of Texas’s construction workforce are undocumented immigrants. Houston NEEDS them to help them rebuild their city but since Houston declared itself an anti-sanctuary city, immigrants are leaving town, in search of friendlier cities where they feel the love.

Jerry Springer is running for governor of Ohio because why not, Trump did it. He said that his constituency is Trump’s constituency so he’s in. Trump voters LOVE TV!

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert has it in for single moms. He blames them for the deterioration of the American family and says that a love child is a free ride for women to not work and milk the government instead. Never mind the sperm donor who deserted his child – that’ irrelevant. It’s her fault. He also believes that immigrants come here to give birth and then return to their home country where they raise their kids to be terrorists, and then they send them back to America to kill us.

Our first black president will go down in history as one of our best, most beloved presidents. Trump will go down in history, too – for being the worst, most loathed president – an adulterer who has had kids by three different wives, a businessman who has screwed his vendors and employees by not paying them or declaring bankruptcy, a bully who attacks people from afar, a negotiator who uses his power to bribe people in the government, and a sadist who incites violence and taunts people with his power to sign or not to sign – a filthy rich lying white man who has been on TV.

The American human spirit was activated in Houston this week. Nobody cared what color anybody was, what God they prayed to, if they were “legal”or not, or who they voted for. That’s the real America. Houston is making America great again.

Community leaders in Houston are talking about love being the only thing that matters – even the politicians, which is ironic because love is not a conservative ideal (except for one’s own love for one’s own circle of family and friends.) Love in politics is a liberal ideal.

Trump doesn’t love anybody but himself.

He’s on his way to Houston today. Oh God, let us pray.

Unchartered waters

Three days after he made an appearance outside of Houston to wave a Texas flag and marvel at the crowd size without getting close to any flood victims or surveying the damage, the president will announce that he’s killing the DACA program, which he said he would do on the campaign trail but then later said he wouldn’t do after becoming president. Harris County (Houston) has the second largest number of Hispanics in the country.

There are 800,000 DACA kids in the country. They’re working and going to college, living the dream of their parents – to have a better life in America. Their parents are feeling really guilty and scared right now because they never taught their kids how to live in the shadows.

Mike Pence and his wife went to Rockport, Texas, wearing blue jeans and sensible shoes. They touched people and dragged debris out of frame. Pence said the right things on camera and made Trump look like a silicone boob. Maybe he’s not that bad? He is. He’s that bad.

Trump said he would donate $1 million of his own money to Harvey victims. He pledged $10,000 to the Twin Towers Fund after 9/11 while he was on the Howard Stern Show. He never donated anything to the Twin Towers Fund.

Senator Rand Paul grew up in Lake Jackson, directly south of Houston. His mom and dad (former congressman Ron Paul and three time presidential candidate loser) still live there. When it comes to voting for Harvey relief, will he vote with his roots or with his libertarian ideology? So far the estimated damage is $75 billion. The FEMA budget is $3.8 billion.

It’s a good thing Texas didn’t secede.

Trump hasn’t acknowledged Mexico’s generosity and kindness for crossing the border to help flood victims.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Congressman Ted Poe from Texas says people don’t want to talk about politics right now. They really don’t. They’re not interested. They don’t want to hear about how he, along with all of the Texas House Republicans voted NO on federal aid for Hurricane Sandy victims. Let’s leave politics out of this tragedy, folks.

Don Jr will be making a speech at Texas University for $100,000.

75% of Trump supporters believe the media is way more dangerous than white supremacists (source: Fox News.) They also believe that minorities have it way better than white people do.

If Trump’s base voted for him even though they knew how awful he was, and are standing by him even though they know how awful he is, it means they’re either as awful as he is, or they’re just dumb. And if they’re just dumb, they’re going to be no use to him in defending him against Russiagate because Trump told them to like Russia.

There are 200,000 Muslims living in Houston. Four mosques in Houston are serving as 24 hour shelters for flood victims. It’s the Eid al-Adha festival, but M.J. Khan, the president of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston, says that their guests are not to be disturbed. “If we have to pray in the parking lot, we’ll pray in the parking lot.” They didn’t do this because the city told them to. They just did it.

Meanwhile, Joel Osteen’s publicist and public relations team are working over-time trying to fix his image. Without them and his in-house TV production team to control his brand and the congregation, he’s a flying solo charlatan. Without his make-up artist, he’s a flying solo charlatan with a drippy face – not a good look when you’re being filmed in convention center lighting by flood survivors with smart phones.

Walmart shoppers in Michigan got in a fight over a notebook in the school supplies department – moms with kids stepping over pencils and notebook paper that other moms and kids had left on the ground, grabbing left and right, when a pissed off mom, determined to get that last notebook on the shelf, pulled out her pistol and pointed it at the other moms. Nothing will come of this disgusting display of American consumerism run a muck and gun fetishness because she had a permit and also – second amendment, second amendment!

“What is the appropriate behavior for a man or a woman in the midst of this world, where each person is clinging to his piece of debris? What’s the proper salutation between people as they pass each other in this flood?” – Buddha

Trump is drowning in his own sweat.

False profits

Joel Osteen is blocking people who troll him on Twitter for calling him a hypocrite. He told CNN he doesn’t read tweets.

Joel Osteen blames a false narrative for Hurricane Harvey criticism. Suffering people of Houston blame a false profit.

Joel Osteen blames the city for not telling him to open his megachurch to shelter the homeless and is now offering free prayers.

Pat Robertson said that God’s main weapon of choice is a flood. He suggests that people start building an ark, like Noah, and start putting neighbors and pets in the ark, two-by-two. But don’t let any gays in the ark because the flood is their fault.

Ann Coulter said she doesn’t believe that the flood happened because Houston elected a lesbian mayor but it’s more believable than climate change.

A peroxide chemical plant near Houston has been overtaken by water and has exploded. Residents who haven’t left yet have been told to turn off their air conditioning, close their windows and stay put.

It’s flooding in south Asia, too.

Trump is feeling sorry for himself. He tweeted, “After reading the false reporting and even ferocious anger in some dying magazines, it makes me wonder, WHY? All I want to do is #MAGA!”

Trump went to Missouri to campaign on the tax payers’ dime which is illegal but so what. He tried to sell a tax plan that doesn’t exist. He didn’t have any specifics but the crowd clapped anyway (he doesn’t know that the tax plan needs to come out of the House committee first.) He told them to vote Senator Claire McCaskill out if she doesn’t do what he says and they clapped louder. When he said that his tax cut plan would be good for them because it would be good for their bosses, they didn’t clap so much.

In a focus group in Pennsylvania, Trump voters said they were disappointed in Trump but that they wouldn’t take their votes back. When asked if they knew who Robert Mueller was, they all said no.

Robert Mueller has teamed up with the New York Attorney General. Trump has diarrhea and needs a pep rally STAT!

The Pentagon is super charged and the rest of the government is being starved by the Trump administration. Generals are in charge. This is a dangerous imbalance.

Trump tweeted, “The U.S. has been talking to North Korea, and paying them extortion money, for 25 years. Talking is not the answer!”

Some people are taking offense at other people criticizing Melania for wearing stilettos to a hurricane because it demeans all women and reduces them to fashion objects. As if Melania represents all women, particularly feminists.

The only feminist thing about Melania is that she told the most powerful man in the world that he may not grab her pussy.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Ted Cruz isn’t the only Texas senator who voted against federal funding for Hurricane Sandy. John Cornyn did too, along with 23 GOP members of the Texas House delegation. The one lone yes vote was Rep. John Culberson from HOUSTON. The Dems voted yes.

As the flood waters rise, the Penthouse President never gets his feet wet. The floatus puts her feet up and fantasizes about more shoes.

Hurricane chic

Trump and the Third Lady went to Texas. Donald was wearing his dress down, one of the guys, jacket and a USA cap (available for $40 on his campaign website) and Melania was wearing 4” stilettos, designer flood pants and accessory cool shades for cloudy weather. She did a wardrobe change aboard Air Force One so she could deplane and walk the runway tarmac wearing hurricane casual, complete with a cap that said FLOTUS.

After getting to their destination without getting wet, there were no hugs, feeding people, bottled water distribution, reassuring people that their government is on it, or the drying of any tears. Predictably, he hopped up on top of a truck and yelled into a bullhorn, “What a crowd! What a turn out! The hurricane is historic and epic and the biggest ever!” Awhile later at another televised event he said, “We’ll congratulate each other when it’s over” (George Bush……….my natural disaster is bigger than your natural disaster.)

Trump told FEMA director, Brock Long, that he was going to be very famous because of Hurricane Harvey.

Tea Party Texans, wrapped in the Don’t Tread on Me flag, are sitting on top of their roofs after storing their guns and ammo in the attack, waiting for the government to come rescue them.

All cities matter?

Chemical plants and oil refineries have been shut down.

CNN Reporter, Drew Griffin, was covering the hurricane in Beaumont, Texas when a man was swept away in his truck by moving water. No time to call 911. He and a crew member grabbed a rope and pulled the man out of his truck, saving his life, live on TV. It is extremely doubtful that the president of the United States will mention it because he hates CNN.

Joel Osteen finally opened his megachurch to homeless neighbors after being shamed on Twitter. The Holy Spirit didn’t move him to do the Christian thing, social media did. The shit is floating to the top in Houston.

Floating Trump turds are ranting about how Obama screwed up Katrina.

Donald Trump and Joel Osteen worship the same God, “Sucker.”

150 conservative Christian leaders signed the Nashville Statement, affirming that straight, married people are going to heaven and gay people are not.

150 conservative, uptight sexually repressed hypocrite Clinton haters set President Clinton up to lie about getting a blow job under oath because they couldn’t impeach him for anything that had anything to do with being a dangerous president. Good times.

Trump will be in Missouri today, talking about his tax “plan” at a manufacturing company. The event is closed to the public. Protesters will be lined up on the sidewalk outside, forming a line between him and the Teamsters building. Trump is going to be in a bad mood later on today because he didn’t get to go on TV.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: When Mike Pence was an Indiana congressman, he told Congress not to fund Hurricane Katrina relief. “Katrina breaks my heart but we must not let Katrina break the bank for our children and grandchildren.”

To those who say they’re disappointed in Ivanka, come on. Her dad is Donald Trump and she married a man just like him. She’s going to find out what it’s like to be a real working mom soon enough after the men in her life go to jail and she’s left to raise the kids and pick up the pieces WITH BAD CREDIT.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio would like the media to stop calling him a racist. It’s stressing him out.

The First Lady wore stilettos to a hurricane.

Let us prey

At a press conference Trump was asked about pardoning Joe Arpaio on Friday when the hurricane hit. He said he did it for better TV ratings. He also said that Sheriff Joe was a real patriot and that he was unfairly treated by the Obama administration. Then he recited a long list of people other presidents have pardoned. See! See! Other presidents did it too!

When a reporter asked if he considered Russia to be a security threat he said he considered lots of countries to be a security threat.

Want me to sign your bill? Let’s make a deal. Want me to pardon you? Let’s make a deal. Want me to build a tower in Moscow? Let’s make a deal. Want me to be president? Let’s make a deal.

Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, was on his campaign team. Now we all know that he was emailing the Kremlin during the campaign, “Let’s make a deal.”

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the president’s values aren’t the same as the state department or the country’s values. “The president speaks for himself.”

The ACLU is suing Trump over the transgender ban.

Racist Freedom Caucus Chair, Steven King of Iowa, wants that stupid wall. He wants to shut the government down. “We could use the food stamp budget and Planned Parenthood to pay for it.” #november2018

Ivanka cannot confirm nor deny that she sat in Putin’s chair while visiting the Kremlin.

A week before Harvey hit, Trump revoked the Federal Flood Protection Standard.

Trump said he would slash the budget for FEMA and the National Guard. Smaller government, bigger floods.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: When asked if the displaced 450,000 Texans would get the federal aid they needed Senator Ted Cruz said, “No problem.” He’s very confident in the president. When asked why he voted against federal aid for Hurricane Sandy victims he said now is not the time for political sniping or exploiting his voters.

9,000 evacuees have sought refuge in the convention center – double its occupancy.

Jim McIngvale aka “Mattress Mack,” opened his furniture store to sopping wet evacuees while Jesus Christ Superstar Joel Osteen kept the doors to his mega church closed. He offered prayers on Twitter, though. Oh, and a link to donate to hurricane victims through a special church fund on his website.

There are signs taped to the front door of Joel’s place of un-taxed business letting the homeless know they are closed. Sunday services have been cancelled. Maybe next week but don’t forget to wipe your feet.

Joel’s church seats 16,800 people – four times the capacity of the convention center.

Joel Osteen is worth $50 million. He’s a conman just like Trump. Trump says he’s worth mega millions or billions, nobody knows for sure. He’s a TV star just like Osteen.

Tiny ordinary churches are taking people in AND their muddy pets.

Trump has never prayed so much since running for president because he never prayed before.

Trump is going to need to show some empathy today. He can’t do it.

Trump is on his way to Texas right now. Melania is with him. It’s raining. What about her hair? What about his?

Texas flood

Over 56,000 calls were made to 911 in a 15 hour period in Southeast Texas.

Brock Long is the current administrator of FEMA. Luckily, he’s not a banker or a CEO. He has actual emergency management experience. He did a press conference this morning and called upon all citizens to help. He’s on his way to Houston now. Trump hasn’t mentioned Brock by name but he has tweeted about this HISTORICAL storm – the biggest in 500 years! No empathy, no comforting words, no leadership, just relief that nobody is talking about pardoning Sheriff Joe, kicking transgenders out of the military, or Russiagate. Mission accomplished.

Trump needs to appoint federal officials to the many open positions necessary to handle the emergency in Texas. Get off of Twitter, take off that stupid hat that you’re pimping right now for $40 on your website, and appoint people to the empty posts so they can properly respond to this natural disaster. Do your job!

While people waited to be rescued from their rooftops the president was bragging about his big win in Missouri.

Trump is going to make an appearance in Texas tomorrow, costing taxpayers bigly. Those resources are needed for saving lives. This is a serious moment. Texas and the country need a serious president.

Trump doesn’t know the first thing about human suffering. He causes it.

People have been told to write their names and their social security numbers on their arms.

Texas will need new roads and bridges, but Trump wants a border wall and a bigger military.

The Mexican military has crossed the border to help rescue people.

Black people are saving white people, white people are saving black people.

HUD Secretary, Ben Carson, has to deal with people who have lost their homes. He better have a big enough staff. There are a lot of homeless people in Texas now.

Journalists are not only putting their own lives in danger to cover the storm, they’re rescuing people as they do it. Trump calls reporters the enemy of the people.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Texas Senator Ted Cruz said it wasn’t the government’s job to help people after Hurricane Sandy so he voted against federal aid. He says that climate change is a pseudoscientific theory. Nevertheless, he has asked FEMA for flat bottomed boats, high water trucks and helicopters, and has praised the National Guard for its swift response.

Houston needs more green space to absorb flood waters but capitalists want to build, build, build. They paved paradise prairie lands and put up a parking lot.

One in every five counties is impacted by this storm and more rain is coming.