This blog is a semi-daily recap of the day’s news from the perspective of an ordinary citizen who has watched the Republicans become more devious, more heartless, more greedy, and more anti-American every year.  It’s a recount of the many lies and atrocities committed by Trump, his inner circle, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and all of the Republicans in the House and Senate who have fallen in line, keeping it party before country at all costs.

The title of the blog, “You Lie!” is taken from the infamous Joe Wilson transgression when he yelled out, “You lie!” to President Barack Obama while he was addressing Congress on live TV.  Joe Wilson is still a congressman.

Trump is president.  This didn’t happen over night, this is the culmination of decades of the Republicans successfully branding themselves as the family values party (they’re not), the moral Christian party (they’re not), and the fiscally responsible party (they’re not), while demonizing liberals as Godless (they’re not, but some are atheists – so what?) sex crazed (they’re not,) and big spenders (they’re not.)

Republicans can’t win elections fair and square so they rely on gerrymandering and dirty voter suppression tricks.

Things are unraveling by the hour.  The Republican party is imploding before our very eyes.  This blog is written by someone who got trolled pretty badly during the worst time in her life by people who would later go on to vote for Trump.  She was one of the first people to benefit from the Affordable Care Act in 2012 after she found out she had late stage breast cancer while temporarily uninsured as a result of the Republican Wall Street recession.  She became the poster child for Obamacare and vowed to pay it forward out of gratitude by educating people about the Affordable Care Act (www.spikespeaks.net,) how to recognize GOP lies and spin, and calling the Republicans out every time they do something to hurt America and anybody who lives here.

This blog is a daily crime report – cliff notes for the daily breaking news.  The Republicans are going down.  Let’s hope they don’t take the entire country with them.