America for dummies

Major defense stocks surge to all-time highs after Trump’s tough rhetoric against North Korea. That means there are some Americans who aren’t scared shitless right now – everybody hoping to make money off of a war.

Rex Tillerson said “Americans should sleep well at night” because he does. He sleeps well during the day, too. He loves his naps.

Interesting that Trump does a nuclear war poll dance the day before we find out that the FBI raided former Trump campaign manager’s house. Warrants, unlike subpoenas, require probable cause. Paul Manafort is in big trouble.

“I bet a lot of folks in the Trump administration are sleeping fully clothed in anticipation of early morning FBI raids” – Andy Lassner

“Trump knew North Korea would be a problem. Yet he intentionally keeps vacant EVERY diplomatic position that is relevant to solving this crisis” – Senator Chris Murphy

“I don’t want to be alarmist, but we’re all gonna die” – Stephen Colbert

The media showed up expecting to hear about Trump’s statement on the opioid crisis. He took the opportunity to threaten North Korea so everybody would stop talking about Russia. When he finally got around to saying something about the opioid crisis he said, “Just say no,” and then took credit for coming up with such a good one liner.

We wouldn’t be in a game of chicken with North Korea right now if Hillary Clinton was president. If Hillary Clinton was president we wouldn’t be talking Russia all day, every day. If Hillary Clinton was president, we wouldn’t be the laughing stock of the world.

August 4th is now Barack Obama Day in Illinois, his birthday. New York has declared Trump’s birthday as Big Fat Liar Day.

We’ve dumbed down America by defunding public education, demonizing educated people as elitists, and making dumb people think they’re smart by letting them believe if they watch Fox News and listen to talk radio they’ve got it going on. Now here we are – a third of the country is a bunch of superstitious gullible idiots who vote Republican.

Personal opinion, religious interpretation, and emotion seduce low information voters while facts, science, education and objectivity are viewed with suspicion and contempt. There is no reasoning with these people because reason is bad.

Rick Perry is in charge of the nuclear arsenal and we don’t have a State Department.

Senator Lindsey Graham says China better deal with the nut job in their backyard or they’ll have to deal with a war in their backyard.

Going to war with North Korea means going to war with China.

California crops are rotting because farm workers are either getting deported or they’re not showing up for work because they’re afraid of getting deported. Unemployed white people won’t take those jobs. Farmers are offering salaries above minimum wage, paid time off and retirement plans, but nah.

Russia flew a military observation plane at 3,500 feet over the Capitol, Pentagon, and CIA.

Someone took one of those giant inflatable chickens wearing a Trump toupee and put it outside of the White House. While Fox News was covering the Russian jet flying over DC, the camera picked up the chicken. Shepard Smith asked, “What is that?” Reporter replied (trying to keep a straight face,) “Shep, it appears to be a chicken.”

Republican hypocrites fun fact: After demonizing Hillary Clinton for 30 years and disrespecting Obama for 8 years, the Republicans want everybody to show their lying, dangerous, incompetent, criminal fool of a president some respect.

Trump says he’s working really hard while he golfs but he won’t say what he’s working on. The White House has yet to admit that he actually golfs.


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