Hurry up Mueller

Since the repugs couldn’t kill Obamacare, they’ll use their power in the government to suffocate it by withholding federal payments to the insurance companies so that they’ll pull out of the ACA market. The repugs will blame Obamacare. The Dems are really sucking at getting this message out.

Not only are we paying for Trump’s vacation but we’re paying him to take it. Every meal he consumes, every round of golf, every night in his club, we’re paying for it and he’s profiting from it.

House Democrats are sending a letter to federal agencies asking what business they are doing with Trump businesses. The Secret Service has been paying rent to Trump Tower. Trump entertains heads of state at his branded properties and the government picks up the tab. It’s impropriety – the federal government is enriching the president of the US.

Trump said during the campaign that he’d be the first president to make money off of being president. He has kept one promise.

75% of Americans don’t trust anything that comes out of the White House.

The White House is suppressing the latest research on climate change.

Nikki Haley says that the president does believe in climate change.

Greenland is on fire.

Trump says he has won all sorts of environmental awards.

“Cancel all global warming payments!” Trump yelled from the bathroom.

There is $17 trillion waiting to be made in renewable energy but Trump doesn’t want to do business with renewable energy. He’s moving on the coal miner’s daughter like a bitch and she’s letting him.

Dear Leader told the other Dear Leader that if they don’t quit threatening us they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen before. After that, North Korea threatened to bomb Guam.

North Korea is a powder keg and Trump has control of the nuclear codes.

Meanwhile on Fox News: Transgender Athletes: Unfair Competition?

So much for Americans getting a vacation from Trump while he is on vacation. That “fire and fury” comment was spontaneous and very king like – nobody knew he was going to say it. In the midst of all of it, Trump tweeted about the New York Times, The Washington Post, his poll numbers, and Hillary Clinton.

Rex Tillerson is taking a nap. There is a sign outside of his door – DO NOT DISTURB.

37% of the country has confidence in Trump’s handling of North Korea. Who are these people?

Pat Robertson thinks that Eric Bolling, news anchor for Fox News, was set up. “They” (evil liberals) sent a picture of a wiener to a bunch of women who work at Fox but it wasn’t Eric’s wiener. He would never do that. He is a good Catholic and goes to mass everyday– somebody had to have set him up. He also said that “they” got rid of Roger Ailes, too. Roger Ailes died in May.

“Which dick pics would Jesus tweet?” – Randi Rhodes

The three Republicans competing for Jeff Session’s seat in Alabama are (surprise!) three old white confederate Christian men who want to see the south rise again just like Jesus did. Roy Moore is in the lead. He’s a former judge who refused to remove the Ten Commandments at the judicial building. If he is the winner, he’ll whip the Senate into shape with his Bible belt.

Trump may not have any interest in daily intelligence briefings (they have to be short with lots of bullet points and graphics,) but he is always interested in his TWICE daily briefings of all of the complimentary tweets, positive Fox News and Breitbart coverage, and flattering photos one of his staffers who is charged with that research brings to him while he watches TV.

Trump sent Robert Mueller a nice note.

The Trump campaign has handed over 20,000 documents to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The FBI raided Paul Manafort’s home in Virginia on July 26.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: The Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, stepped aside in the Russia investigation in April after the press found out that he had been helping Trump stay ahead of the story. A couple of his staffers went to London in July to track down Christopher Steele, the guy who wrote the dossier about Trump’s adventures in Russialand. When asked about it, the staffers said that they happened to be in the neighborhood and decided to drop in on Steele.

Trump tweeted this morning that his first order as president was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal. “It’s now far stronger and more powerful than ever before.” This is total bullshit but it’s going to keep America awake at night, scared shitless that this idiot is going to get us into a nuclear war.

He’s got an approval rating of 35%. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

The world is way more scared of our nut with nukes than North Korea’s nut with nukes.


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