Golfing with goats

What if renovating the White House was a ploy to get Twitler out of the house so the FBI could dig around without Twitler live tweeting every minute of it? Instead of “under construction” signs, they could put up “keep out” signs and yellow crime tape.

Trump gets off on being cruel.

Trump gets off on blowing through money that isn’t his.

Trump will set anybody up to take the rap for him, even his own kids.

Trump never really wanted to be president. He just wanted to win.

Trump is so arrogant he thinks he’s better than president.

Narcissists and sociopaths can’t be helped. Once an asshole, always an asshole, especially if you’re 71. He will never change.

Republican hypocrites fun fact: The GOP used to stand for national defense. It never considered Russia a friend.Today Republicans are not only useless against Russia infiltrating the White House, some of them might very well be in on it.

VP Pence will be giving a 2020 campaign speech to the Koch Brother’s nonprofit political activist group, Americans for Prosperity, in two weeks.

Trump is golfing at his New Jersey golf club but he says he’s not. He’s working.

Trump keeps a herd of goats on his New Jersey golf course property so he can take advantage of a tax break for farmers. Instead of paying $80,000 in annual taxes, he only pays $1,000.

Not to be upstaged by Putin, Trump took off his shirt and posed with a fish on his farm, flanked by two naked milk maids wearing sashes, “How great thou art.”

Another creepy Fox News anchor gets the creepy boot after he sent female co-workers pictures of his wiener. Fox News viewers are calling it a dick hunt.They don’t believe it. It can’t be his wiener.The Democrats must have done it.

Fox News viewers are being told that Robert Mueller is a dirty cop working for the Democrats.

Norman Lear is saying NO WAY to being honored by Trump at the Kennedy Center. NO WAY.

Most of us are here because our broke ass non-English speaking great, great, great grandparents fled a crummy life to make a go of it here.

“Probably the easiest way to understand the US is to remember that everyone here firmly believes they are above average at most things” – Mara Wilson

More robots are headed for Wisconsin. Immigrants are readying themselves for a new wave of go Back to Mexico bashing.

Indiana officials are investigating Mike Pence’s emails but Hillary’s emails.

A video has surfaced of Trump’s adviser, Stephen Miller, making a speech in high school. In it he said he was sick and tired of being told to pick up his trash when they had plenty of janitors who were paid to do it for him.

That guy in the red MAGA hat sitting behind Trump at the West Virginia pep rally who was so smitten with Dear Leader? His name is Richard Paulus and he used to be a surgeon. He was convicted on 11 counts of fraud in September 2015 for performing unnecessary procedures on patients’ hearts so he could bill insurance companies.He was acquitted because he was so rich from ripping off insurance companies and putting his patients lives at risk that he could afford more attorneys to argue that he didn’t get a fair trial. This could be the only MAGA hat wearing groupie that actually does have anything real in common with Trump.

While Trump putts, the White House administration strokes, the attorney general digs himself out of a hole, the handicapped continue to stage die-ins in senators’ offices, the American public flips the birdie, and the FBI renovates the White House. FORE!


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